The Magic of Love

February 27, 2013 — 2 Comments

Love is magical! Love can open doors in your life, it can take down walls that have been there for many years, it can heal wounded hearts. Love is like sunshine; it brings light into the dark places inside of you.

Love is Magical

Love is talked about, written about and sung about more than any other word in our language. Yet, wherever we look, there still seems to be a lack of love in the world.

Longing for Love

When I was young, I had an intense longing for love. Even though I didn’t understand the true meaning of love, somehow I knew that love was the missing piece in my life.

When I was in 3rd grade, I started reading love stories. I became addicted to romance novels, reading everything that I could find. At that time, I honestly thought romantic love would be the answer to my dreams.

I read every romance novel available in my small town library before I graduated from high school. The fantasies were wonderful, because the love stories always had a happy ending.

But sadly, when I got out into the real world, the love I experienced in romantic relationships was never like the fantasies I read about in romance novels. In real life, falling in love often ended with my heart being broken and my tender dreams being smashed. It was a very sad awakening for me.

Unconditional Love

It wasn’t until I was dealing with my sexual abuse issues that I finally got to experience true unconditional love. During that time it was everything I could do to raise my two young daughters, go to work every day and deal with the intense feelings that were pouring out of me on a daily basis.

When the ugly abuse feelings became so overwhelming that I couldn’t handle them anymore, a dear friend of mine would be there to listen to me while I sobbed with the emotional pain.

The unconditional love I felt from my friend was like food to a child who had been starving for many years. For a time, it seemed like I would never get enough, but slowly the empty hole inside my soul began to heal.

Love is Authentic Presence

As a psychotherapist, I’ve found that the energy of unconditional love is truly magical. It begins with being authentically present in the moment. Then when I listen from my heart for my clients like my friend did for me when I was hurting, I feel a real heart connection with the beautiful people I’m serving.

Authentic presence is a very different experience of love than what I expected as a child and yet it feels much more genuine and alive. It’s a true caring that the person I’m helping will be able to overcome his or her emotional pain and the life challenges he or she is facing.

In humanistic psychology, Dr. Carl Rogers called this ‘unconditional positive regard.’ He wrote many years ago about having a basic acceptance and support of a person, regardless of what that person says or does.

I’ve always liked Dr. Roger’s theories, but I also knew in my heart that what he was describing was simply unconditional love. It’s the genuine kindness and sincere caring about another person’s well-being that I longed to receive throughout my childhood.

Love and Healing

I’ve discovered that when I give unconditional love to others, there is always an overflow of love in my life, too. Love is very healing to everyone who is a part of it.

Love connects us to Divine energy. Many times when I am being authentically present for someone in a loving way, I can feel Divine Love flowing through me to that person.

Love is like a seed that is planted in the snow of winter that grows beautiful flowers in the spring. The most wonderful part about giving unconditional love is getting to be a part of the incredible healing that takes place in a person’s life as a result of the love you have shared.

A Prayer for Love

Love is always available to us! We just have to be willing to open our hearts to the many serendipitous ways it can show up in our lives.

Would you like to have more love in your life? Try praying this Love Prayer by Emmet Fox:

“There is no difficulty in life that enough love will not conquer;

no disease that enough love will not heal,

no door that enough love will not open;

no gulf that enough love will not bridge;

no wall that enough love will not thrown down;

no wrong that enough love will not set right.

It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble,

how helpless the outlook; how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake;

a sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all–

If you only love enough, you will be the happiest, most powerful being in the world.”

In this now moment, I make a conscious decision to love.

As I let love point the way, my life naturally keeps getting better and better.

I give thanks for the presence of love in my life

and in the lives of others and in our world.

Right where I am, Love is here, and I am grateful!

Thank you, God!

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  1. Thanks Kari for a wonderful posting!

  2. Thank you for reminding us that love is magical. Your process is magical too! Life is a miracle never to be taken for granted. Thank you for reminding us that we can have magic, love, and life-giving relationships!

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