Growth can be challenging at times, but it is also very fun and enlightening! It involves a process of freeing yourself from the past and becoming the person you want to be. My JoyIAm Process helps you to release the effects of negative past experiences in your life and naturally feel lighter, stronger and clearer than you did before.


Following the Growth Path

There are 7 Skills for Success with my JoyIAm Process. As you follow your growth path, it’s important to practice the following skills:

  1. Learn to identify, express, and release your feelings
  2. Change your negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations
  3. Practice loving, supporting and empowering yourself
  4. Build loving, healthy relationships
  5. Heal your body, mind and spirit
  6. Find your purpose in life
  7. Visualize the life you want as if it’s already happening

Scared of Your Feelings?

People sometimes feel scared or frightened of dealing with their emotions and feelings, if they haven’t had much experience with feelings before. If you are feeling afraid of facing your feelings today, please let me explain the process to you. I think you’ll find that it’s not nearly as scary or overwhelming as you thought it would be.

When you share your feelings with someone who is kind and compassionate and you’re in an environment that is safe and supportive to you, it’s never as bad as you thought it would be! Often it begins with getting in touch with tears or anger that you’ve been holding back, but generally it ends with laughing and having fun.

More Growth

There is much more information available to you on this website. Please check out Shine, Psychotherapy or Blog to learn more. It’s very valuable and freeing to finally get to be the authentic person you were always meant to be!