Release Your Anxiety!

You may believe that being free of anxiety is a wonderful idea that’s just too good to be true. When you’ve lived a lifetime feeling anxious and scared, the thought of being free of that anxiety is like a dream that’s dangling in front of you, but always just out of your reach. That’s very understandable!


Anxiety is just the negative feelings from your past
projected onto your future.

Anxiety can manifest in many ways. It can show up as excessive worry, fear, stress, shakiness, panic attacks, phobias, fear of vulnerability, a need to control others or be in control of your environment, or just feeling stuck and unable to move forward. No matter how it looks, it always comes back to an underlying fear of your future being like your past.

Anxiety Recovery

When you resolve your emotional pain about the past, take back your personal power and make the changes you need to make, with time and persistence your anxiety will gradually decrease. You’ll feel less worried, scared and shaky, your panic attacks will decrease until they go away completely, and you won’t have to always be in control to feel safe and secure. When your anxiety issues are released, you’ll discover a new sense of yourself that will excite you and amaze you! Often it feels like being a whole new person!

It’s true! You don’t have to spend the rest of your life feeling anxious and scared. You can take charge of your life today and make it what you want it to be!

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Kari Joys utilizes a process of emotional healing to help you release your anxiety. Doing emotional healing will take some time, patience and persistence on your part, but the process itself is very freeing and empowering. When you do emotional healing, you’ll discover that you do have personal power and you can choose to make your life what you want it to be.

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