Welcome! I’m so happy that you’re here! You’re probably visiting my website because you’re struggling with issues or symptoms that are painful or challenging to you.


I understand! I, too, have struggled with many emotional issues and symptoms in my life. I, too, was anxious and depressed many years ago. That’s why I became a psychotherapist, and also why, still today, I love helping beautiful people like you to find healthy solutions that will make your life happier and healthier.

Learn, Grow, Shine

In the process of becoming emotionally healthy, I believe that there are 3 major steps each person needs to take:

  1. Learn: Learning is where you begin to understand the origins of your emotional issues and you also discover a natural, healthy way to deal with these issues.
  2. Grow: Growing is when you put what you have learned into action and you begin to regularly practice the tools that can transform your life.
  3. Shine: Shining is when you have released your symptoms and issues and you begin to experience the joy and aliveness that you have always wanted.


Learning is the place to start. It’s just beginning to understand that there is a reason why you are experiencing emotional challenges in your life.

Challenging emotional issues often originate from your family-of-origin issues, like childhood abuse or neglect, or from traumas or losses later in your life. Sometimes they came from something as simple as having parents who didn’t know how to help you express your feelings in healthy ways.

Understanding the Emotional Effect of Your Past

When you are not taught how to express your feelings in healthy ways in childhood, you learn to repress them deep in your unconscious mind. And when there is no role modeling for healthy communication or conflict resolution, you learn to express your feelings in unhealthy ways or act them out with negative behavior patterns. This becomes a negative emotional pattern that you carry with you throughout your life.

When you choose to learn about what has affected your life negatively and what you can do today to make positive changes, everything in your life can begin to transform. Learning will be an on-going journey over time, as more doors begin to open in your mind. It’s very exciting when things start to clarify and finally make sense. It feels like coming home to who you really are, with an inner peace and joy that you didn’t know existed before.

History of Psychology

You see, Psychology is still a new science. Sigmund Freud, who was the father of Psychology, lived and worked in the early 1900s. Many of the psychological skills and tools that we utilize today were simply not available when you were growing up, and certainly not when your parents were growing up.

Although we have learned a great deal since the time of Freud, we’ve only realized since the early 1990s how important our feelings and emotions are to our Mental Health. Because of that, most of us didn’t receive healthy guidance or role modeling for expressing and releasing our emotions.

The Benefits of Learning

Rest assured that there are many benefits in store for you if you choose to learn and grow. Your learning will open many new doors in your life.

Would you like to be a healthy, happy person? Would you enjoy feeling good about yourself and feeling like your life is going in a healthy, positive direction?

That’s fantastic! To learn more today, just click on Grow and move forward to your next step!