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Everyone has heard about the high rate of divorce these days. More than half of all marriages are doomed to end. Most of us don’t want to look at the ugly truth of what brings about divorce.

Some of you already know your marriage is in trouble, but you may not be not sure what the problem is. Too often, we are blind to our real issues until we have already done the irreparable damage to our marriage.
Questions to avoid divorce

For those of you who are wondering what you are doing that is making your partner unhappy, I’ve put together a list of questions that will help you understand what the real problem could be in your marriage.

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Your marriage is in trouble. You don’t know what is wrong. You want more than anything to make it work. Reluctantly, you make the appointment for marriage counseling. You show up for the first interview feeling nervous and scared.

Many questions run through your mind. Will the counselor attack you? Will s/he tell you there’s no hope? Will s/he blame you for everything that went wrong? Will your partner tell you it’s all over?

marriage counseling

Feeling Safe and Relaxed with Marriage Counseling

Your marriage counselor welcomes you. S/he tries to make you feel safe and comfortable. S/he lets you know there is nothing to fear. You can relax and let down your guard. It’s safe to cry if you need to.

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