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If you were like most children when you grew up, you probably thought your family was ‘normal.’ That’s because children believe that whatever they experience is ‘normal.’ They have no frame of reference to compare it against.

.Is My Family Dysfunctional?

I was definitely one of those children. I thought all fathers were angry and abusive. I thought everyone had older siblings who teased them unmercifully and laughed at their expense. I thought it was common to cry all the time and never be comforted or protected. It never occurred to me that my family was dysfunctional at the time. I thought that there was just something very wrong with me.

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With the holidays just around the corner, some of you who grew up in dysfunctional families may already be dreading the family holiday gatherings.

Thanksgiving Dinner

You may be bored with Great Aunt Martha who loves to talk about her latest illnesses or frustrated with Uncle Bob, who’s always drunk before he ever arrives. Dysfunctional family dynamics can be very difficult and challenging.

Demands and Expectations

Holidays are a time when families tend to have a lot of demands and expectations. Rather than asking you how you would like to participate, sometimes families simply expect or demand that you do things the way they want you to do them.

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