Expect a Miracle!

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It’s very common today to read sayings like ‘Expect a Miracle.’ Since Facebook and social media have become so much a part of our everyday lives, we share these uplifting proverbs with each other regularly.

Expect a Miracle!

But even though we may believe these sayings with our conscious minds, how many of us believe in our hearts that miracles can really happen in our personal lives?

Definition of Miracles

People have different definitions of the word ‘miracle.’ Dictionary.com defines a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.”

Wikipedia.org reports that “a miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention.” It goes on to say “In casual usage, “miracle” is seen as any event that is statistically unlikely but beneficial, (such as surviving a natural disaster), or simply a “wonderful” occurrence, regardless of likelihood, such as a birth. Other miracles might be: survival of a terminal illness, escaping a life threatening situation or ‘beating the odds’. Some coincidences may be seen as miracles.”

Modern Miracles

Many people wonder if miracles still happen today. Did miracles only happen in the Bible times or are there modern miracles available still today?

The reality is that all of us do experience miracles. Life itself is a miracle when you realize that no one can really explain what allows us to wake up each morning and breathe air into our lungs for one more day.

But the real question is, why doesn’t everyone experience miracles in their everyday lives? Why do some people receive miracles easily and others, who want them so fiercely and passionately, are not able to receive them?

There are definitely some things that we cannot control, like life and death. Only God or the Higher Power can be in charge of when we are born and when we die. But there are many other areas in our lives where we can definitely influence our ability to receive the miracles we so desperately long for.

Prayers for Miracles

People from all over the world pray for miracles in all faiths and all religions. Somehow when we are in a life-threatening situation, our faith in miracles seems to become stronger.

Many people have experienced incredible miracles in their lives in those moments when they remembered to ask the Higher Power for help. Even in my own life, there have been times when I was in physical danger and I remembered to ask for a miracle. It has never ceased to amaze me how the Higher Power can step in and change our life events when we simply remember to ask.

How Can You Receive More Miracles?

There are many things you can do to receive more miracles in your everyday life. I love the quote “A miracle is only a shift in consciousness.”  In other words, by shifting our consciousness, we can all experience more miracles every day.

Here are 6 activities you can do right now to bring more miracles into your life:

  1. Change your negative thoughts, beliefs and expectations to positive ones. When you focus on the negative, you actually block the good from coming into your life. But when you change your focus to positive, you open the door to wonderful new possibilities.
  2. Release your poor self-worth and poor self-esteem through the JoyIAm Process. When you feel unworthy and you believe you deserve negativity, you are unconsciously inviting ugliness and negativity into your life. If you want good things to come into your life, it’s very important to release your unconscious negative beliefs about yourself, so that you can begin to really believe that you deserve good in your life.
  3. Forgive yourself and forgive the people who have hurt you in your life. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you are condoning the negative things you have done or that others have done to you. It’s just letting go of the pain of what happened so that you can move forward and start fresh in your life.
  4. Develop your relationship with the Higher Power. You don’t have to join a religion or give all your money to develop a relationship with your Higher Power. Just start talking to your Higher Power in your mind, asking for help and guidance with whatever is challenging you, and then watch and see what happens in your life.
  5. Be grateful every day for everything in your life that is loving and beautiful! Your sincere gratitude opens the flow of the Universe so that more good can come to you.
  6. Focus for 5 minutes every day on already having the miracle you would like to receive. Imagine with all of your five senses, how it would look, feel, sound, smell and taste if your miracle was already here. Don’t make it a chore—have fun with it! Practice it whenever you have a few minutes free in your day.

Preparing for Miracles

Preparing for miracles means that you make a daily effort to keep your mind focused on love instead of fear. When you choose to focus regularly on what is loving and beautiful in your life instead of focusing on all off the bad things that could happen, you are opening the door for more love, beauty and miracles to come to you.

Then when you also pray for Divine Intervention (or simply talk to the Higher Power in your mind), you set the stage for incredible miracles that are beyond your wildest expectations!

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