Release Your Abuse Issues!

Childhood abuse can often leave you with a legacy of emotional pain that you carry with you through the rest of your life. Often that pain is excruciating to you, even though others around you may not understand. You may feel like you’re on the outside of life looking in, and wondering how it would feel to be happy and confident like the people around you seem to be.

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Childhood abuse can be verbal, physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual. Any of them will have many long-term damaging effects on your life. Childhood abuse steals your natural confidence and leaves you in a grown-up body wondering what happened.

If you were abused, all the underlying structure of love and support that other people had just wasn’t there for you. What you got instead was shame, and guilt, and grief, and longing for something that you instinctively felt was missing, but you didn’t know what it was or where to find it. It’s a very painful way to live!

Recovery from Verbal, Physical, Sexual,
Emotional or Spiritual Abuse

Recovering from childhood abuse is not a simple process. It takes work and time to release the emotional pain and to heal the beautiful child within who was damaged. By being a loving parent to your inner child, you can give him or her the love and support that s/he needs to heal.

Over the past thirty years, Kari Joys has helped many people overcome the long-term effects of childhood abuse through Emotional Healing. Because Kari also experienced verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse personally in her life, she knows how it feels to go through the emotional pain. Overcoming abuse can be excruciating and overwhelming at times! It’s very important at those times to work with someone who understands how you feel.

Abuse and Suicide

Sometimes when the emotional pain of abuse is severe, suicide momentarily appears better than the on-going torture of staying alive. Many people who were abused as children have thoughts of suicide during their lives. If you are feeling suicidal today, you definitely need to seek professional help immediately!

Call 911 or go to your nearest hospital and tell them the truth of what you’re feeling. Don’t put it off! Your life is very precious and you have a wonderful life ahead of you after you get through the abuse feelings!

Schedule a Counseling Session in Spokane!

Because of her own experiences with abuse, Kari Joys is always very kind and compassionate in working with abuse issues. She will guide and facilitate you to express and release your feelings in healthy ways. Kari will also help you find the answers within yourself that you have been looking for.

Kari Joys’ office is based in Spokane, Washington. When you are ready to schedule, click on Schedule to contact Kari directly. If you are not able to work with Kari directly, click on Store to order her book Choosing Light-Heartedness or her 33-Day Journey to Light-Heartedness E-Course. Kari’s Emotional Healing process could literally save you months and years of traditional therapy!

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